Business process automation definition and how BPM can facilitate it

With the power to encompass all business fronts, understanding the business process automation definition is important for companies to gain a competitive advantage in a market that every day becomes more demanding, competitive and aggressive. The understanding of it allows the alignment and optimization of the entire planning framework, execution, and monitoring of business processes. In summary, it generates huge savings of time and money.

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So, what exactly is the business process automation definition?

The business process automation definition can be described as applying a control system and administration to all company processes, whether they are business, organizational or management oriented, aiming to reproduce those roles and activities automatically, without the need for frequent and direct human intervention.

The automation of design processes is an extensive and meticulous job. The starting point is to make a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the company, in which a process of identifying early and prioritizing the processes which are most relevant to the business itself, is studied, always from a results perspective.

After making the analysis, the process model can be automated.

But as we said, process automation is an extensive project, which should be systematic and methodical because it involves several steps, each with a large degree of importance. Putting it this way, it appears that while it is something beneficial to the company it is also quite laborious, is not it? But it only seems that way.

BPM technology facilitates process automation

BPM technology (Business Process Management) is the best ally for the control and automation of processes if it is implemented efficiently and effectively in your company.

With BPM technology process automation is much faster and less costly for the company, serving one of the primary objectives of any management team in the world: a full optimization of resources.

BPM is a tool that is better and more effective in automating processes, than anything else. The BPM technology brings several unique features that allow a broad, flexible and transparent automation. As a result, managers can use it to define, model, execute, monitor, refine and automate their business processes, significantly improving the company’s performance and thus increasing its profitability.

Watch the video below and discover how to automate a business process using a cloud-based BPM.

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  • Great read, the BPM technology automation will increase service quality, improve service delivery and help to contain costs. As a result managers will be able to define, model, execute, monitor, refine and automate their business process thus increasing the company’s performance and increasing its profitability.


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