Human Resource Hiring Processes and the Selection of Talented People

Human Resource hiring processes are an essential part of any company. And the reason is simple: people are the ones who perform the tasks and you need to find the right people to execute them in the most effective manner. And it’s not easy to find suitably qualified people with appropriate skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for good job performance.

That’s why many companies have invested in developing human resource hiring processes with the help of BPM tools and techniques. After all, these are processes like any other and play a crucial role in delivering customer value.

Why not use the very latest technology in analysis and process redesign, as well as modeling, communication, and monitoring technology for this?

Agile BPM systems, with facilities for the introduction of BPM culture, are transparent and allow for broad management along with process improvement and are ideal to accomplish human resource hiring processes.

See below for the importance of having great human resource hiring processes in your company.

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 12 Advantages of Human Resource Hiring Processes

Typically, recruitment procedures are divided into internal and external. Let’s look at the benefits of each:

6 Advantages of Internal Human Resource Hiring Processes:

  1. The total potential of a company’s employees is met.
  2. Gives motivation to current employees to be dedicated and to professionally develop to get promotions.
  3. Encourages the perpetuation of the company.
  4. It’s not necessary to integrate any new employee.
  5. As the candidates are well known in the company, the selection is usually quite efficient.
  6. It is one of the cheaper human resource hiring processes.

6 Advantages of External Human Resource Hiring Processes:

  1. New talent, skills, and experiences are introduced into the company.
  2. More creativity and innovation, with the arrival of other views and ways of thinking.
  3. Increased Human Intellectual Capital of the company.
  4. Renewal of the “organizational culture”.
  5. Integration of market practices in other organizations with the Human Resources department.
  6. Successful practices already applied in other organizations can be adapted to the company with the help of these new professionals.

But these benefits will only be achieved if the human resource hiring processes are conducted in the right manner, following each stage.

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Steps in Human Resource Hiring Processes

Usually, a process of recruitment of people followed by selection can be divided into these steps:

Define the position:

It is necessary to correctly describe the job, carefully detailing the duties of those who do the activities and also the needs that the office has regarding knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Disclose the vacancy:

It should be done both internally and externally, by a variety of means and channels of communication such as posters, newspapers, specialized sites and in some cases even by social media. Just pay attention to the fact that some information can sometimes be confidential.

Select the resumé:

This step usually revolves around seeing which of the collected CVs meets the job requirements and whether the profile of the candidate is suitable to perform the tasks.

Do psychological testing:

The behavioral profile and attitudes of candidates may be properly evaluated with the application of appropriate psychological tests.

Do specific knowledge tests:

Often some specific skills are required to perform the tasks in the job. English proficiency tests or other languages, the use of particular software, or the ability to operate certain machines are some examples.

Organize group dynamics:

Dynamics are an excellent way to evaluate the reaction of the candidates to situations that may arise on a daily basis in their job. They are very applicable to management and leadership positions, as well as to Salespeople and other professionals who need to show initiative and creativity.

Do personal interviews:

This step is usually conducted by both Human Resources and by the manager directly above the new employee. For the manager, this is an opportunity to meet the person who will take the job and verify what really suits his needs.

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Final selection of candidates:

With the results of all tests and interviews, the most suitable candidates for the vacancies are chosen and called upon to submit to the contracting procedures.

As you might have noticed, it is a complex process that deserves to be conducted in accordance with best practices. A good modeling process can ensure more appropriate hiring and that will result in the best human capital being hired.

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