Employee Termination Process: Free Flow Chart Example

You should always take care with the employee termination process.

Usually, barring exceptions, employee termination is often a tense time, whether for the employer, the employee, or both.

If the employee is voluntarily leaving for some personal reason, such as moving to another city or getting a job in another organization, terminating the employee can be unpleasant for the company.

Just like if the company initiated the process of terminating the employee for reasons such as insufficient performance, or even other, more serious reasons, like inappropriate or devious conduct, the situation can be quite critical for the employee.

Finally, there are cases where the employee’s termination is painful for both parties. For example, due to the need to cut costs, the company is forced to make an employee redundant who would much rather continue working and someone who the company doesn’t want to lose.

Therefore, regardless of the motivation for the dismissal, a company must conduct the process of terminating an employee with caution and strictly follow each stage of the process.

To help you implement this practice in your company, we’ve included for you a ready-to-use, fully editable employee termination process flow chart.

So in addition to having a tested and approved example, you’ll save the time you would have spent modeling this business process.

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Employee termination process flow chart

In fact, few companies are aware of the importance of a well-established, employee termination process flow chart. There are many activities that companies must perform judiciously, a slip-up can have serious consequences, both in respect to finances and reputation.

Therefore, we’ve modeled a very detailed employee termination process flow chart, containing 3 pools and a total of 6 lanes. Check out the details.

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Pools and lanes:

The 3 pools involved in this process are:

  • Employee termination (lanes: HR department, Manager, and Employee)
  • Access removal and assets return (lanes: System Coordinator and Service Desk)
  • Financial verification (lane: Financial analyst)

Note that the employee termination process is not a mere notification, there are important steps to take, including in the field of information security, even more so when employees have remote access and cloud computing to various company data systems.

See some details of 2 of the pools involved in the employee termination process.

Pool Details: Employee Termination

Note there are two possible initial events in this pool, one when there is a resignation request from the employee, and another when the initiative comes from the company:

employee termination process flow chart

Also note there is an important unique gateway in this process, where the manager can reject or approve the termination.

In this case, it either returns for the necessary modifications or is referred to the HR department.

employee termination process flow chart

Another interesting detail of this employee termination process pool is there are 3 final event possibilities. This is due to the 2 gateways which can cancel the process.

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Pool Details: Access Removal and Assets Return

This employee termination process area begins with a message from the service desk saying the employee has been disconnected.

This agent then disables the network user profile and email account. The systems coordinator performs the next step by revoking the dismissed employee’s accesses.

Next, we must return the resources and communicate that we performed all of these procedures.

See the details in the following picture which represents this pool:

employee termination process flow chart

Download this fully editable employee termination process diagram now so that you can tailor it to your business: Employee Termination Flow.

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Using process modeling tools, whether for HR or any other area of a company, is critical.

Try HEFLO, the free for process modeling, intuitive, cloud-based process modeling software.

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