How to improve your business using BPM

How to improve your business is a question that can have several answers.

One of them you can be assured is the implementation of a BPM system. With it, the purpose is to achieve the strategic goals of a company through activities such as defining, modeling and improving processes. All with the intention of reducing bottlenecks and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

With the adoption of BPM practices, management’s focus can be concentrated on value chain analysis, seeking to identify both the processes that add the most value, to improve them and those that do not, to be automated or deleted.

So what is the answer to ‘how to improve your business performance?’

Well, the use of BPM systems is certainly one of the most assertive responses.

Below, we have listed 5 practical ways to use BPM for this purpose.

How to improve your business with BPM

1- How to improve your business performance by reducing costs

One of the objectives pursued by BPM is the identification of process improvements that can translate into cost reduction. The BPM methodology is a very effective way to achieve this, but some practical steps can also help, such as:

  • Ask for suggestions from employees and associates
  • Reduce waste
  • Look for alternative suppliers and materials
  • Renegotiate contracts
  • Turnover stock faster
  • Pay less interest when buying
  • Purchase supplies in the most cost effective volume possible
  • Change address
  • Outsource
  • Renew machinery and equipment

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2- How to improve your business performance by targeting quality

Currently, quality management has become a must for companies that want to achieve their operational objectives, making customers happy. Consumers do not tolerate products that are dubious in quality. It includes product origin, labor rights compliance, ethics, sustainability and respect for the environment. A very effective way to achieve these goals is the use of BPM with dedicated quality aid tools, such as:

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3- How to improve your business performance through process standardization

By standardizing processes, the company’s performance will be improved because many of these processes will be reused in other areas and departments, which is what we call the componentization process. This activity involves setting a standard, disclosing this standard to teams, gaining acceptance and, from there, providing continuous improvement.

4- How to improve your business performance with process design

Considered one of the critical stages of BPM management implementation, the design process takes into account the analysis of the current status of processes, as they are now (“AS IS”) to define how they should be in the future (“TO BE”).

Of course, the goal is to identify the critical tasks, bottlenecks, automation possibilities, cost reductions and also to promote continuous improvement in the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness. Undoubtedly, it is a crucial step for managers who are looking for better business performance.

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5- How to improve your business performance with quality certifications

The three quality certifications that are most used are:

  • Quality management systems.
  • Environmental management quality.
  • Social responsibility.

Their implementation processes must be certified by independent institutions. Their implementation can benefit companies in several ways, such as, through the adoption of standardized processes, opening up new markets that require certification and ease in meeting legal standards (always considered in these certificates). Companies can also gain reputations for quality through a “process culture” and be in the “pursuit of operational excellence” that these certifications engender.

Obviously, a quality certification could only be beneficial to the performance of a company.


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