Software for business process control: the best way to perform BPM

How many emails did you send today requesting someone to follow up on a task that you completed?

And how many did you receive, asking for the same thing or requesting information or still remembering commitments?

Many companies still use e-mail to control their processes, which is extremely unproductive as well as unsafe and can generate many errors.

So, what is the solution to this? Continue reading to find out!

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Software for business process control: make your life easier and improve your company’s results

How about improving your company’s workflow, increasing productivity, and reducing costs? You should know that this is perfectly possible if you have software for business process control, also known as a workflow system.

The lack of clarity in defining the activities and the difficulty of coordinating the progress of processes efficiently have led several companies to adopt management methodologies such as BPM.

If implemented through a competent system, Business Process Management is able to provide more agile communication between sectors of an organization. In addition, the quality of your business processes will be constantly improving.

But what is BPM? How does software for business process control work? Can you draw a process flow chart?

Don’t worry, we’ll show you!

Do you know what BPM is?

As stated earlier, the acronym BPM stands for Business Process Management. –

Fundamental to companies of any size, this management methodology focuses on optimizing results through continuous process improvement.

With BPM it’s possible to map all of a company’s activities. In this way, the manager is able to analyze, define, execute, monitor and manage processes more efficiently.

In addition to the “flight plan” provided by mapping, a BPM system allows you to control the execution of tasks, so that everything goes according to plan.

When your organization succeeds in implementing BPM, your entire production chain will work in sync to achieve its goals and objectives.

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You now understand the concept of BPM, but what are the real advantages it can give a company?

The Advantages of BPM

A company that doesn’t know its processes is at a disadvantage in the market. With BPM, managers become more aware of everything that involves the organization.

In addition, each employee is able to perceive more clearly where they fit into the whole scheme of things. Thus, they’ll be better able to understand their importance in terms of seeking results in the company.

But that’s not all. There are also other internal improvements. Let’s see:

More transparency

BPM provides more transparency because all employees will be aware of the processes and can perform their activities with greater visibility for management and clients. Here are some examples:

  • The client will be able to follow the progress of his / her demands: what task he / she is on, what data have been recorded at the request and at each stage, vouchers generated etc.
  • The manager can follow what each employee is doing: at what stage of each demand, the queue of open tasks, deadlines, etc.

Greater control

BPM establishes greater discipline among the people working in the process.

A purchase can not be completed without at least 3 budgets.

An employee can not be let go without the financial department submitting information about any pending financial issues.

This way, you won’t be surprised in an audit due to a lack of evidence.

In this way, the manager will have greater control over the quality of such processes.

Greater productivity

Eliminating certain obstacles (lack of communication and ambiguity, for example), facilitating workflows, and raising employees’ awareness of their activities contributes to increased staff productivity.

Increased agility

The BPM method can introduce fluidity to workflows.

In a BPM system the tasks are planned and every action occurs at the right time in the best possible way, as well as providing everything the next team member needs to perform their work within the system.

This allows a company’s processes to become more agile, reducing response time to market changes. This is undoubtedly one of the key benefits of software for business process control.

Increased efficiency

By better understanding how company processes are to be conducted, employees will be empowered to perform their duties more efficiently.

The perception of quality by the customer is greater and this makes it easier for the company to stand out in the market.

Increased security

Business Process Management increases the security of information within the enterprise.

Instead of scattered emails and spreadsheets, all data is kept in a database.

Better yet, if this infrastructure is cloud-based, then the provider will be responsible for controlling and performing backups. Companies like Amazon offer services of the highest quality and availability, and are entrusted by services such as HEFLO, Netflix, Airbnb among others. Get to know how the HEFLO cloud infrastructure works.

Rationalization of costs

More efficient processes result in reduced operating costs. This is because activities, functions, and resources are distributed more rationally and effectively.

Want to understand all of this even better?

Check out this video:

What is BPM? Find out the Benefits

BPM can help your company innovate continuously, find out more: Innovations in BPM: From Continuous Improvement to Disruptive Innovation

What is and how does software for business process control work?

As you can see, BPM is a great way to get to know your business at a deeper level. This is critical if the end activity is to be carried out as planned and the results achieved.

In this way, both the organization and its clients will benefit. But for this to happen, the company needs to have good software for business process control that will make BPM execution viable.

This type of system aims to manage a company’s processes so that all the advantages of BPM can be harnessed. It promotes the automation of processes and assists in the analysis, design and modeling of new processes.

This tool provides the flow and proper storage of information fairly effectively. From there, performance data is made available for monitoring and constant process improvement.

Currently, software for business process control can be operated intuitively. More modern versions, based in the cloud, can be easily handled even by those with little technological knowledge.

Does all this seem a bit abstract to you? Take a look at these explanations of how software for business process control works in practice:

To make you even more convinced of these advantages, we’ve made a list for you:

Check out 10 advantages of using software for business process control:

  1. Accurate and reliable information and data accessible in real time.
  2. Tasks have an objective definition of who are responsible for them.
  3. The manager has greater ability to delegate tasks.
  4. Teamwork and collaboration grow and become more effective.
  5. Less occurrence of human faults.
  6. Less resource waste and lower operating costs.
  7. Improvement of company profit margins.
  8. Identification of activities that can add value to the company.
  9. Help in the decision-making process and the definition of strategic planning.
  10. Satisfied and loyal customers.

What obstacles or challenges do you face as you try to gain widespread acceptance of business process efforts at your organization?

Want to know about a BPM system with even more advantages than these?

A free, intuitive, cloud-hosted modeling BPM system

A cloud-based BPM system has even more advantages than the ones mentioned above, understand why:

Advantages of cloud-based software for business process control:

The system stores all process diagrams in a library, all of which you can consult, share, and even edit collaboratively.

Ideally, these systems are very intuitive and easy to operate, so professionals who don’t have experience in advanced programming, can learn how to make optimizations and make contributions. The software has an easy-to-use interface, known as Low code BPM.

With this, presenting new workflows to process owners, users and customers is much easier and faster.

In addition, all diagrams have their documentation generated automatically, making it easy to consult at any time for quite complete information.

In this way, it’s possible to use processes that have worked – and are ready to use – and incorporate these flows into new processes, greatly accelerating continuous improvement.

You can also use all of these diagrams as cases to present to a customer as an example of an actual application of the solution. Everything is online, accessible even from a smartphone.

Understand this concept:

A free process modeling system

Process modeling in an agile way and with the help of software that uses the most modern and accepted notation, BPMN 2.0, it’s no longer something inaccessible.

With HEFLO you and everyone in your company can rely on this tool, access it through any mobile device, and design your processes very easily, using a “drag and drop” style. You can also rely completely on the tool itself, as it indicates what each of the notation elements are and what they do in BPMN 2.0.

In addition, there is a library of process models ready-to-inspire you, tutorial videos on YouTube and a blog where several issues related to BPM are explained in a didactic and easy to understand way. All at your disposal.

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