Know what project management of business process are and deeply understand its functions

What are projects?

A project is, by definition, a set of temporary activities, usually performed as a group, with the aim to produce an individual product, service or outcome. Projects are transitional, with the beginning, middle and end well delimitated, goals clearly defined and resources well planned.

To develop software, construct a building, produce a car, all of these activities go through well planned and design projects.

What are processes?

Processes are a set of integrated actions and activities with the aim to generate the pre-defined grouping of products, outcomes or services. They usually belong to two primary groups: the management processes and the product-oriented processes. Also, see process definition.

What about project management for business processes?

The project management of business process refers to the combined use of knowledge, abilities, and methodologies designed to efficiently and effectively execute projects.

For many years, this management was informal and amateur. Nowadays, the project manager is a distinct professional with a high importance to the organization. They see in him the person capable of strategically meeting the results of the projects to the business goals, making the companies more competitive in their market niche.

There are five groups of project management: (1) initiation, (2) planning, (3) execution, (4) monitoring and control and (5) closing. We will approach all of them next.

The 5 groups of management processes and its attributions

The five groups are connected to each other by its inputs and outputs, where the result of a business process represents the beginning of other.

  1. Initiation processes: define and authorize the project or a phase of it.
  2. Planning processes: clarify and improve the goals, planning the actions needed to achieve it.
  3. Execution processes: integrate people and other resources to produce the deliveries and information about the performance of the project.
  4. Monitoring and control processes: frequently measure and monitor the development of the project, aiming to identify possible variations and discrepancies relating to the initial plan, and correct them when necessary.
  5. Closing processes: finalizes all the activities of the business processes groups of the management project, aiming to formally complete the respective project (or a phase of it) and formalize the acceptance of the product, service or result.

Now that you know what project management for business processes is, see also what is workflow and what can BPM bring to your business. Do not forget to always search for a reliable software when implementing the project management, as this will set the difference between success and failure for the project.

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