What is organizational process management?

To understand what organizational process management is, we must first address the meaning of process functions, and get it clearly.

It is nothing new that, in any field of activities, the competition is each time more fierce. To maintain a good level of competitiveness and guarantee its survival and success, a company must invest in the quality culture, and try to obtain the best performance possible in all the variables involved with the business.

When we talk about all the variables, we mean all of them:

  • Inputs and materials in general.
  • Information and knowledge.
  • Employees and suppliers.
  • Machines and equipment.
  • Policy.
  • Rules and procedures.

The organizational processes are the sequence of tasks that, when add value to these variables and work on them, generate as a final result the product or service offered by the companies.

Therefore, the manner that these variables are administrated is what the management of organizational processes is about.  So what is, after all, the best way to manage all that? Is there an ideal methodology to coordinate these factors?

The two main types of organizational process management

Nowadays there are two kinds of organizational process management. The hierarchical and the integrated.

The first one is traditional, and adopted my most companies. In it, there are more subordination relations and the workflow is fragmented.

Although, given the competitiveness of the market and the growing need to save time, cut costs and increase productivity, the hierarquical system is being replaced by the integrated methodology.

In the organizational process integrated management, the relations are more dynamic, the teamwork is valued and the employees become, consequently, more versatile, instead of specialized only in one activity.

Furthermore, when the systemic methodology is implemented, there is a substantial change in focus by the company, that starts to prioritize more the client. The organization vision becomes wider, comprehending more than the product or service, but how they are made, how to improve the business processes. In doing that, the company can offer the client a product or service with more added value and benefits, in a faster and cheaper way.

Organizational process management with the BPM methodology

The BPM concept (Business Process Management) refers to a group of elements and methodologies that aim to achieve a systemic and integrated management between all the departments of a company and all the functions and responsibilities of the suppliers and employees.

To implement the organizational process management through the BPM methodology is not easy. It can be difficult to people to accept change and new ideas, for cultural or traditional matters. And the information technology is important exactly because of that.

To make the management wider, dynamic and flexible is important to count on a reliable software or professional. Only this way the management can model, define, execute, monitor and optimize the organizational processes, improving greatly the company’s performance and increasing its profitability and the client’s satisfaction. Watch the video below and check it out.

To know more about BPM methodology and how to apply it, continue in our website.

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