Know why IT processes are important to administrate a company with efficiency

Although it is something that passed through positive perspective changes, the fact is that many people still wrongly see the IT business processes as mere bureaucratic mechanisms. They think it only exists to limit the creative capacity of the IT professionals, and control what they are doing.

This old fashioned view is far from the truth. IT business processes are nothing more than a valuable tool, an aggregate of knowledge and experience accumulated during many years by diverse companies and specialists. They realized the rights and wrongs in the daily actions and decided to systematize the best practices to deal in a dynamic way with the typical risks of the job, minimizing the chances for mistakes in the execution of the most diverse works.

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How do the IT business processes work?

IT business processes standardize all the activities of the company related to the information technology, bringing them to an elevated state of quality and excellence. With the IT business processes, the services can assure the delivery, no matter who executes them.

The absence of clearly defined IT business processes increases the chances for errors in the processes of the company. As a result, in a future replacement of employees, all the structure would be compromised. In contrast, the presence of an IT governance with well-modeled processes allows that any employee of the area attends to the projects in a satisfactory way, even in critical and emergency situations. It works like a business continuity plan.

IT business processes must be considered as an integral part of the business process management. Therefore, it has to receive many resources and investments, so they can be improved and optimized in a continuous way, contributing to the developing and growth of the business.

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COBIT system: IT business processes oriented to the strategical planning

COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and related Technology. It is a model guide that compiles a series of best practices related to the IT business process management. It was developed as a framework, as it is independent of the platforms adopted by the company, as well from the line of business itself and the relevance IT has on the productive chain.

Kept by the ISACA – Information Systems Audit Control Association – the COBIT disposes of a series of resources that serve as parameters to the business process management. Also, to optimize the investments in IT, it provides valuable data to measure results through Key Performance Indicators or Key Success Factors, for example.

The COBIT structure is divided into four parts, called domains. They are:

  • Planning and Organization
  • Implementing (Execution)
  • Deliver and Support
  • Monitor and Evaluation

Belonging to the planning and organization domain, we can quote the following examples of IT business processes:

  • Definition of the IT strategical plan
  • Definition of the Architecture of Information
  • Establishment of the Technological Directing
  • Process definition, organization, and IT relationship
  • Management of IT investment
  • Communication of the Board’s guidelines and expectations
  • Management of the IT Human Resources
  • Quality management
  • Evaluation and management of IT Risks
  • Projects Management

Now that you understand what it processes are and why they are so critical to business process management, read about IT processes and BPM.

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