The advantages of IT and BPM: IT process management

IT process management includes a set of routine activities that require standardization and can gain a lot of flexibility and practicality by combining IT and BPM.

The process of adapting workflows to IT process management is much faster in the cases where IT and BPM are combined; especially when comparing with the internal development or adoption of other software categories available.


“BPM is already a basic structure in which they develop and integrate systems by automating workflows. So it is a tool with a suppleness that allows adaption to the specific needs of companies quite easily. Companies design their processes, which also makes it more user-friendly than some of the other software where the flows are ’embedded””


According to the expert, the great advantage of IT and BPM mixed in with IT process management is the integration and automation of processes executed from other services; like AD (Active Directory), Exchange and databases.

Some of the main ideas cited by the consultant are activities such as the creation or automatic blocking of network accounts or e-mail in the case of hiring and firing employees, for example. The monitoring carried out by software whose role is to scan networks and verify proper operation is another area that promotes pro-activity.


“Generally, systems focused on monitoring record the occurrence of problems in issues such as space or disk consumption; but require that someone be always looking at the data, as they don’t generate alerts. BPM tools can capture these occurrences – ‘common incidents’ in the IT language – and generate a work order directly observed by those who must take action”


IT and BPM in IT process management to promote greater control

For all of these features, the consultant says that the breakthrough represented by BPM tools about the level of control of workflows is critical for IT process management and efficient corporate governance. After all, in addition to being time-consuming and error-prone, manual execution of these procedures, in particular, the IT process management case creates ‘gaps’ in information security.


“This automatic monitoring tailored to the needs of each company, is very important in times of a globalized economy and corporations participating competitively in the capital market, which require such monitoring”


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