Business process management BPM – quality leading to effectiveness

An organization focused in its clients experience gets more satisfaction, higher quality, speed in services and products delivery, products more aligned with the customer’s and market’s needs, which results in a competitive advantage.

BPM is a business process management that centers in align the companies processes to the client’s needs. The goal of BPM is to develop and perform the business process management in a flexible and effective way, using as an asset technology and its advancements.

Business process management BPM is used to the continuous improvement and innovation of processes, making it also possible human integration. So, it considers the business processes passible of continuous improvements, which increases the added value to clients and shareholders.

With the business process management BPM is possible to understand the organizational structures from the relation between processes, abstract the business processes from the platform of technological infrastructure and to go beyond the process automation through the software. All this allows the companies to quickly respond to the behavioral changes of the market and its consumers.

Besides, there are other benefits that come from the business process management, such as:

  • See – strategical functions and processes
  • Define – the situation of the process now and improvements to implement
  • Model – simulate processes’ changes
  • Analyze – compare the different situations in order to select the best process
  • Improve – implement the selected betterment
  • Control – leaving from defined metrics, evaluate the impact of changes in real time, allowing to think about new improvements
  • Re-engineer – from scratch, develop new processes based in innovation to get better results.


Technology to support organizational changes

The business process management BPM is a systematic and disciplined approach, which involves practices related to business process, automatized or not, to achieve consistent results that are aligned with the strategic goals of the company. To know more about what process automation is, watch the video below.

The techniques and methodologies of BPM allow an organization to adjust its processes to its strategy, resulting in a better performance, in all levels. It also gets the companies to focus on the process from beginning to end, and generates value to the client.

If a company needs to be more effective, more capable of adapting, less susceptible to human error, more aware of all of its processes, and is looking to get there through the more efficient way, quality, then it needs business process management. To further understand the concept, you can continue in our website and learn what BPM is.

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