BPM for dummies: how to add value to your business

A possible BPM definition can be: a systematic methodology that turns the workflow of a company more effective and more capable to adapt to an external environment of constant change.

With this definition in mind, we can point to some BPM goals:

  • Increase efficiency and efficacy in processes
  • Better internal communication
  • Offer quality information
  • Make data collection faster
  • Reduce human error
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Add value to the company and the stages of the productive chain
  • Add value to the products and services offered

All these objectives can only be achieved if the participants and business process analysts develop a important ability: completely understand the strategical goals of the organization, defined by the high management.

To that, the set of activities and processes that compose the chain that ends delivering value to the client must work in harmony. Each process has to deliver to the next link exactly what it needs to be executed correctly and as specified.

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Business Process Management for dummies: other definitions

To understand BPM, let us analyze this other definition:

Business Process Management for dummies: methodology that aims to improve the business processes, defining each step of it needs to be done to achieve the strategical goals of the organization. Betters all the processes that add value to the business and final product/service, eliminating or automating the other processes.

To wide our knowledge about the subject and go further BPM for dummies, entering the expert’s area, let’s see this other definition: Business Process Modeling is a disciplined approach designed to identify, project, execute, measure, monitor and control business process, being them automated or not, in order to achieve consistency and results aligned to the strategical goals of the company. It involves, with the help pf technology, ways to add value, improvements and innovation to the process’ management, effecting in a betterment in the organizational performance and business results.

As we can see, this definition is more complete and comprehensive, does not leaving out any aspect of BPM.

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Some specific advantages of Business Process Management, for dummies:

As we describe the benefits of using BPM, many times we end up listing its objectives. Of course these two concepts relate, but they are not the same. See some different advantages BPM will bring into your company:

All the specific goals of your company can be achieve through BPM. With a right and reliable software, followed by a correct application and team motivation, your company will set itself apart from the competition and thrive in all ways! To help you achieve that, see some tips on how to successfully implement BPM in your organization.

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