HEFLO Workflow Management System | Boost the productivity of your business

More control of task management

Eliminate tasks performed by worksheet, email, and paper. With to-do lists and online forms of the workflow management system, you will track the status of each instance of process instantly.

Automate Control Tasks
Indicators Automation Processes

Management Dashboards

What direction is your company going to? With the management dashboard provided by the workflow management system, you can make decisions based on real facts.

Your workflow management system anywhere and anytime

Your workflows can not get stuck at a table. Approve requisitions on your smartphone. View dashboards on your tablet. Finish tasks on laptops.

Automation responsiveness
Automation Work Team

Boost Your Team’s Productivity

All people and teams need to work in synchronized way. An automated workflow allows the control or responsibilities and delegation of tasks. Make sure they will do the “right thing” at the “right time.”

And so HEFLO was created

Cloud based

BPMN 2.0


Complete workflow system

Try HEFLO, The complete workflow management system

Integrate information systems

Do you have a sophisticated technological environment? So count on our cloud web services technology, hosted in the world’s largest and best data center.

HEFLO, a complete system with the best of workflow management technology.

Analyze, model, optimize, document and automate your workflows in the same tool. It’s collaborative, cloud-based, and uses BPMN 2.0.

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It's simple to work with our BPMN 2.0 modeling tool

It’s all in the cloud!
No downloads.

Everything’s easy
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No complications.

Automatic validation.
No errors and

A pleasant and
ergonomic design.

No boring environments.

It’s all automatic.
Your data stored in
the best data center.

Responsive interfaces!
Workflow on tables, desktops,
and mobile devices


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