A dozen incredible business technology tools

There are two types of technology tools for business: The established and the new entrants that often out perform their predecessors over time.

So, we’ve brought together here a number of business apps for both models, we’ve briefly reviewed each, and then compared them to Google Trends. Check out the results, one of them is amazing!

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12 technology tools for business compared and analyzed

Application integration

1- Zapier:

We’re talking about technology tools for business and there is nothing more appropriate than starting our list with software that integrates different cloud based tools so that they work together and become integrated, even possibly allowing the automation of tasks, like Zapier.

Follow this link: Zapier


This app has the same approach, including the automation of repetitive tasks.

Follow this link: IFTTT

Comparing the two terms in Google Trends World and the newer of the two is behind, but nevertheless should be noticed, check it out:


Project and Team Management

3- Mind Meister:

Who has never done brain storming for idea generation, on sheets of paper, and ended up with a lot of meaningless scribbles?

This technology tool for business promises not only to end this, but also lets you work collaboratively with your team, through the cloud, using organized and intuitive brain storming.

Follow this link: Mind Meister

4- Trello:

One of the most widely used technology tools for business, Trello employs a framework-based organization logic to manage teams and processes, divided into task lists.

Widely used by scrum enthusiasts and agile methodologies, it actually caters to a wide range of businesses, and has an incredible ease of integration with other apps.

Follow this link: Trello

5- Pivotal Traker:

Created specifically for software development teams, this app has a Freemium version for three users. It promises to provide more organization and focus, with tools that help in prioritizing tasks and creating a backlog.

Follow this link: Pivotal Traker

Yes, Trello stands out tremendously in Google Trends, but it’s always worth experiencing new things, right?


Forms and Surveys

6- NPS Calculator:

The famous NPS methodology for measuring customer satisfaction can be quickly and easily calculated with this technology tool for business, which is free and very easy to use.

Follow this link: NPS Calculator

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7- MindMiners:

More than just a form generator for spreading searches over the internet, MindMiners is one of those technology tools for business that reserves a surprise: a base of qualified respondents to segment your questionnaires and get better results.

The plans (including a Freemium) don’t include the qualifying base, but you can request a separate quote.

Follow this link: MindMiners

8- Typeform:

We couldn’t forget to mention among the technology tools for business, the traditional Typeform, which although doesn’t have the base of qualified respondents, is a form of online surveys with a freemium version that generates attractive questionnaires, in an agile, fast and intuitive way.

Follow this link: Typeform

Again, the newcomers don’t stand out, with the traditional Typeform being the champion of the mentions.


Social media

9- The Name App

Isn’t it annoying naming a product or business and when it’s time to register the domain or create a profile on social media, you find out that it’s already being used?

With The Name App these problems are over. Before you begin to create logos, visual identity and texts, check the availability of the name not only on the internet, but on various social networks.

Access this link: The Name App

10- Buffer

Do you know that when you want, for example, to share a blog post in different partner networks, you have to enter the site, put in the post link, write a little text, schedule a time and then send, once on each platform?

With Buffer you do this in seconds, especially if you install the share button in your browser bar.

You access the page and automatically 5 partner networks (in the Freemium plan) will be fed with the content that, even, you can program previously through different schedules.

Follow this link: Buffer

And, that’s exactly why we’ve made it a point to compare known apps with others, less advertised. So you have the chance to try them before others …


Customer service

11- Freshdesk:

Needing a support and helpdesk app in your business? Usually these technology tools for business are expensive, but Freshdesk supports email, telephone and even social support in a Freemium version. Thus, a solution for those who don’t yet have the resources for paid plans.

Follow this link: Freshdesk

12- Zopim:

This is another customer service solution with quite an interesting free plan. But the focus here is exclusively online chat, which is active on your website or blog. It allows you to capture visitors and interact with them.

Follow this link: Zopim

So, which of the two do you think has more prominence in Google Trends? Check out the chart:


Is Freshdesk not competing on an equal footing with Zopim, no less than Zendesk chat? Who knows, perhaps the other apps, mentioned above, will be competing on an equal basis with the “market owners” in a few months?

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Another of the most important business technology tools is process modeling software, such as HEFLO.

Intuitive and free, it’s cloud based and has a vast library of processes ready for you to consult, inspire and model at will, just register for free in the tool, check it out: Process Library

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