How technology helps businesses: Free Tech Kit’s

Market research, analytical software, CRM, process modeling tools, project and team management applications, and even Artificial Intelligence today, are all available to businesses for free.

Without a doubt, the corporate scene goes through a stage of technological development unimaginable a few decades ago.

In a small business or startup, from your first day use a complete, totally free technology kit, which includes:

  • Market research
  • Shared drives and documents
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Project and team management
  • Process modeling software

Even Artificial Intelligence systems such as Parsey McParseface and TensorFlow, for example, are available at no cost.

Check out the video:

TensorFlow: Open source machine learning


Here’s how technology with this arsenal of free software, helps companies to become more agile and productive, lowering expenses, and improving their processes to achieve their goals.

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How Technology Helps Businesses

There are so many software possibilities and options of the most varied types and purposes that it’s difficult to say how technology helps businesses.

Therefore, we won’t include in our list everything we mentioned above, because, it’s possible to find even more if you look carefully.

Undoubtedly, all of this is only possible with the spread of cloud computing technologies and the wide expanse of SaaS companies, which offer software in exchange for monthly payments.

To start putting together your tech kit, the first step is shared drives and collaborative editing document suites.

But these are features that most companies already use, whether they use Drives on their own or in conjunction with document editors, such as G Suite and DropBox, for example.

In addition to these, strategic business communication has also benefited greatly from a number of applications, especially video chat, with powerful file-sharing tools such as Slack and HipChat.

But we would like to go a bit beyond these more common benefits provided by IT, and show in more detail how technology helps businesses in more specific fields.

How technology helps businesses – Team and project management software

The variety of software offered enables those interested in promoting more assertiveness and productivity in the management of their teams to choose the software that best suits their style and that of their companies.

Among the most used, which have freemium versions (free but not always with all the functionalities), we can mention:

The focus of these tools is to give a more collaborative aspect to management processes, generating more ideas and results, in less time.

How technology helps businesses – CRM

CRM software is a tool that helps companies get to know their customers in order to serve them in the best possible way, offering the products and services they want most.

They feature centralized customer records, sales funnels, analytical data dashboards, real-time remote communication, and other features that help you manage your sales force and build customer loyalty.

What do you say about trying one of these apps for free? Check them out:

How technology helps businesses – Market Research

This is one of the ways that technology helps businesses, and has become quite affordable, everyone should use constantly.

Do you need insights for a new product? Do you want to know whether the public is interested in the topics you have chosen for your blog? Or do you want to evaluate the impact of parts of a new marketing campaign before you launch it?

Use forms on the internet to access your customer base and other possibly interested contacts.

There are paid versions which can access a targeted respondent base, but free versions can still help you a lot:

How technology helps businesses – Process modeling

Eliminating waste, automating repetitive tasks, sharing workflow diagrams, remotely editing, and having access to a library with all previous versions, are just some of the benefits of HEFLO, a free, cloud-based BPM tool.

See this testimonial from someone who uses HEFLO and recommends it:

“So far my experience has been great with HEFLO. The concept of this BPM tool allows people who don’t generally possess an advanced knowledge of technology to graphically document their business processes with quality. An efficient and effective solution.”- Eurides Castro

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With this free online toolkit, see how Technology helps your business:

  1. Discover the desires and opinions of your customers with market research
  2. Model your processes to achieve the best results
  3. Manage your team and projects in an agile and assertive way
  4. Encourage and retain your customers, as well as manage your sales team with the help of a good CRM system.
  5. Then measure the results with your spreadsheets, and restart the process, starting with market research.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your TECH KIT and get started right now!

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