How to improve productivity and quality management in organizations

Productivity and quality management are key factors for competitiveness and have always been a concern for the productive sectors, especially in countries with open economies.

Focused efforts to improve productivity and quality management of an organization often results in greater internal and external satisfaction, because they both help prices and reliability in general.

Using quality management system techniques, combined with BPM technologies for process mapping, testing and cost-benefit analysis, its possible to achieve a sustained improvement in all processes and workflows, thus achieving, better productivity results with decreasing defects, reduced delays and lower costs.


6 steps to improve productivity and quality management in organizations

Step 1: Analyze processes

Focus not on the people who do the work, but the tasks they perform. Standardize policies and procedures in the company to maximize efficiency. Train all staff appropriately so that they can produce high-quality products and take pride in their work.

Step 2: Align business processes with other companies in the sector

Find out how other competing companies organize and perform certain jobs to possibly integrate this and therefore lead to improvement. All information is important as it can result in time and money savings, as well as good ideas for improvement.

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Step 3: Develop performance measures

Benchmark current processes to identify problems, predict future outcomes and measure productivity gains through key performance indicators for the industry.

For example, measure the quality and productivity of the customer support center, measuring the average time for solving problems and client satisfaction rate in cases of support.

Step 4: Build quality tests in processes

Experiment during the process and not just at the end, when it becomes more expensive to repair.

If possible, implement automated tests that can be performed without human intervention, which result in easy to interpret, modify or correct and approve or disapprove processes.

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Step 5: Use business strategies to improve productivity and quality management

Determine the root cause of problems and be ready to perform design interventions to improve or optimize processes.

Control production so that defects will be corrected immediately at the beginning before they affect your final product.



Step 6: Pay attention to feedback

Measure the productivity and quality management gains related to customer satisfaction increases.

Collect feedback from employees, customers, suppliers and business partners to know their opinion about products or services.

Use customer feedback to improve current products and influence the design of new ones.

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BPM software allows you to model, execute, manage business processes and make agile operations. As a result, management objectives will be more explicit and easy to monitor.

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