Housekeeping and 5s

Housekeeping and 5s’: Do you know the difference?

A very common question in the quality management and business administration universe is if Housekeeping and 5s’ refer to the same thing, Housekeeping with a Western definition and 5s with an Eastern interpretation. For many years these two systems have…
continual service improvement process

Continual service improvement: A necessity in competitive markets

Nowadays, overall quality and operational efficiency have become mandatory for companies facing such a competitive, demanding and aggressive market. As a result, most products have a standard certificate of quality, which makes them very similar to each other. If there…
construction quality control

Construction quality control systems and their importance

In recent years, there have been many factors that have contributed to the growth of construction markets and construction quality control: Unemployment regressed, and average income grew, which caused the middle class, along with the credit sector to gain strength.…
Total quality management process approach

Total quality management process approach: 11 ideas to consider

The total quality management process approach is a quality management system that seeks to transcend the concept of quality applied to a product. The total quality management process approach is understood as the aim to exceed expectations not only from customers but everyone interested…
key concepts of quality management

Get to know the key concepts of quality management

  The key concepts of quality management, in a general context, have been conceived, sketched, improved and implemented since the 1930s in the United States and since the 40s in Japan and several other countries. In the 50’s, concern for…

How to improve service quality management through processes

Providing services with a high level of service quality management is now considered an essential strategy for survival and the success of a company in the current competitive market scenario. According to a study released by American marketing consultant Philip…