Consulting process model: Do you have one?

If there’s a function which always needs to have a clear work flow, it’s the consulting process model.

After all, a consultants work should also set an example for a company’s employees.

If the process doesn’t follow an adequate flow, in addition to being inefficient, it will not fulfill this behavioral standard of excellence and technical rigor.

To help you deploy a tried and tested consulting process model, we are providing a ready, fully editable diagram that’s been broken down into lanes and with every kind of gateway required.

So you avoid having to model this business process, saving valuable time, or at the very least you can use the time to adapt this model to the specifics of your company.

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If you want access to this ready to use consulting process model, to use as you want, access this link: consulting process model

But before that, how about understanding in detail how it works and each of its stages?

Consulting Process Model in Detail

This process model contains the following activities, the most common for consulting services, such as:

  • Order
  • Work plan preparation.
  • Service execution
  • Control agreement
  • Billing

We’ll detail several of these steps and procedures from this consulting process model, such as the analysis of the request, the consultant’s performance, sending the consulting activity scope to the client, service delivery, and billing.

Pools, Lanes, and Agents

The consulting process model we are going to show you has 1 pool and 3 lanes, in which the following agents operate: the Contract Manager, Consultant, and Applicant.

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Beginning the consulting process model

The first event in the consulting process model leads to the registration of the request by the applicant and, concurrently, to the analysis of the request by the contract manager.

It should clarify whether the request needs scope and budget approval. It should also determine whether the consulting scope will be closed or not.

If so, and the scope is closed, the consultant should be advised.

Consulting process model

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Scope and budget approval

Following on from this, the Contract Manager analyzes the budget provided by the Consultant. If they identify flaws in the scope or inadequate calculations, they refer back to the Consultant for further analysis.

But, if an agreement is reached, the Contract Manager should send it to the Applicant, with the information necessary for him to approve the budget and the scope of the consulting proposal.

Consulting process model

Consulting validation and analysis

At this stage in the consulting process model, after the consultant performs the activity, the Applicant must validate the service.

If there are pending issues, the Consultant must resolve them. If everything is right, show the service as delivered.

Also, the Contract Manager reviews the consultant to report the hours worked.

Consulting process model 3

Consulting process model completion

From this point on, it’s necessary for the Contract Manager to define the form of payment. Then, send the invoice and reconcile the hours requested with the hours recorded, thus finalizing the consulting process.

Consulting process model

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As you might have noticed, proper consulting management demands a series of steps and documentation that makes this process very efficient, transparent and traceable.

Hence the importance of modeling this process very well, with clear definitions of the responsibilities of each agent involved.

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