How to ensure quality when outsourcing services

Like outsourcing services, the adoption of BPM management tools are also becoming a growing trend in companies, and one of the main concerns is how to reduce costs while achieving satisfactory levels of quality in business outsourcing processes.

According to Wallace Oliveira, CEO of HEFLO, BPM is a tool that can considerably contribute to the effectiveness of outsourcing by providing a self-explanatory environment (system) able to minimize conflicts.

“There are great challenges and process management is a tool that comes to mitigate the problems that outsourcing could enter,” -says the executive.


Among the main challenges of outsourcing services, Wallace points out:

  • Training and capacity building of outsourced processes: the first challenge for companies adopting outsourcing services is precise to provide the necessary coordinates to enable the professional to perform the activities for which it was designated;
  • Turn Over: in outsourcing services, it is common that there is a turnover of people. With the adoption of BPM management tools, you can reduce the impact of turnover, since the activities of the process are self-explanatory, thus facilitating the understanding of the procedures to be followed;
  • Monitoring the activities of contractors: often outsourced services are not in the workplace, that is, within the company. And this complicates the compliance and control of business processes. Thus, to determine whether the outsourced professional is complying with its responsibilities you need to monitor each activity performed by him/her. This challenge is crucial for those companies where there is great concern with the requirements and demands of the market with quality certifications and audits.


“When a company is certified by ISO or SOX it is at risk. This is because outsourcing can exist in a weakened link, which will not generate evidence necessary for certification maintenance, ” – adds the CEO from HEFLO.


Strict controls and constant training when outsourcing services

The key to success for the strategic and operational effectiveness of outsourcing services in companies as well highlights Wallace, is to have formalized and automated processes in a self-learning environment, and strict controls, whereas the essential triad for the conduct of business is formed by people, processes, and technology.

“We need to educate and at the same time control. Therein lies the importance of a BPMS that is intuitive and explanatory so that each person understands their responsibility. In addition, the BPM tool will be able to deliver all documentation about the processes, provide the tracking functionality (which will direct the third party in the execution of the task), facilitating the interaction of people with the processes and the processes with technology ”  -Wallace explains.


Monitor deadlines

It is important to mention that the BPM tool also allows companies to enclose the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and compliance goals are stated in which the activities and people responsible for their implementation have a deadline for each stage of the process, etc. This information is recorded in the system and can be accessed by the manager when necessary.

So we can conclude that the third party must be properly integrated so that there are no problems during the execution of their work and for the company to streamline costs, optimize time and deliver solutions with high quality, achieving customer satisfaction.

“When engaged, the third party becomes part of the ‘body’ of the company and needs to work perfectly for the effectiveness and businesses success,” -concludes the executive.

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