Business Trip Expenses: Less costs and more efficiency with BPM

Business trip expenses are a major issue for many companies, especially today with a globalized scenario. Where national and international trips are available so that executives can remain in contact with all members of the supply chain, from suppliers to customers, partners to competitors, and also connect with stakeholders, often in person, face to face.

To ensure efficient management of business trip expenses the best solution is to use BPM tools, ensuring quickness, lower costs, traceability and many other benefits. Check out some of them now.

The Business Trip: a tool, not an end.

Companies should focus its energies, talents, and resources on its core business. And if corporate travel is not part of its business portfolio, this issue should not be taking up the valuable time of its employees. One way to do this is to eliminate filling out forms on paper, contained in e-mail exchanges, telephone calls, etc.

With BPM your company will have:

  • Quickness in service
  • Lower business trip expenses
  • Up to date information always
  • Monitoring and assignment of responsibility

BPM Facilitates Requests for Business Trip Expenses

Imagine the onset of a business trip, when the request must be registered and authorized. A good tool would allow the completion of a form via the web, including mobile devices, enabling online consultation. The approval also occurs in a virtual environment (web, tablets, and smartphones), with the advantage of being able to change fields during the process and send alerts.

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Fast and Efficient Service

Financial and administrative teams are always aware of each step of the process and application deadlines for each task (communicating with each other without failure), they will be better able to meet the demands as they arise, and have greater control, see some benefits:

  • Reservation vouchers and other documents are attached immediately
  • The applicant is communicated about the progress of the application (i.e. hotel booking)
  • The application deadline and the execution of each task is clear and available
  • Facilitates control of business trip expense accounts (and others)

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With all of this, the manager will always be aware of your teams needs and can measure the quality of the business trip process through a satisfaction survey.


Benefits of Management and Monitoring

The manager can retrieve data by request, validate quotations, view the cost center or any other field that is used in the forms. Reports are generated ready for use, and allow the creation of monitoring boards so that management can view the process.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of BPM – see 5 benefits of business process management here.

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