Business activity monitoring (BAM): How to monitor business processes

Business Activity Monitoring, commonly known as BAM, is a tool that has been used by many companies worldwide and is considered an excellent solution for companies to monitor objectively and transparently through the course of different business process occurrences.

The tool consists of monitoring the business processes of a company to meet the management indicators that it generates. Through a dashboard (control panel) managers have full and real-time access to process monitoring, which includes, relevant indicators for the operation, the ability to identify bottlenecks quickly and see delays in deadlines and deviations in planning.

Elements are used such as speedometers, charts, tables, cards, and maps, making it an incredibly intuitive reader and assimilator of instant information.

The layout of a dashboard should necessarily follow a sensible format monitoring the needs of the processes. It is crucial for the manager to be able to assimilate a variety of information on a single screen, without his having to perform many clicks. If predefined panels and ‘casts’ do not meet user expectations, the BPM tool should offer a flexible Business activity monitor editor for the process analyst to create your custom panels.

Mobility and management insight with business activity monitoring

Access to the dashboard is another crucial factor for the solution to be effective. The use of view management panels in televisions and mobile features (tablets and smartphones) is critical to the spread of monitoring culture in the corporation.

What are the gains from monitoring processes with BAM?


In future posts, we will publish several other benefits and use cases of this critical BPM (Business Process Management) technology component.

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