Cloud based BPM: Become more mobile and enhance collaboration

In a business environment where people have less time and more tasks to accomplish, cloud-based BPM software that enables remote access from multiple devices will always give you more productivity and increased collaboration.

Whether you’re in a hotel room, working from home or in an airport VIP lounge, anyone who has cloud-based bpm software can always be in touch with their team, keep up-to-date on the progress of projects, and even model or document processes.

For you to better understand all the benefits of having cloud-based BPM software, we’ve listed 10 of these benefits here. Check out each of them and find out how process modeling can be much more productive with the ability to cloud share.

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10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Cloud-Based BPM Software

1- Collaboration and productivity

Every team member can make suggestions for real-time process flows and diagrams, collect feedback, and even create alternative flows in other files, with entirely different ideas, so that as many possibilities and angles of opinion can be discussed as possible until you reach the best way forward and the ideal solution.

Reports are generated automatically, and you don’t even have to be in the same room, just share screens online and chat in real time.

Check it out how our users can collaborate to meet a demand in HEFLO:
Conversas do Workflow

2- Presentation to internal and external clients

With remote technology available through the Internet, it’s possible for a consultant to go to his or her client, or another department of the company, and have access not only to the process being analyzed, optimized or redesigned, but to various other process flows stored in a Library and even ask for the collaboration of other team members to expose the suggested solution to external or internal customers.

Here’s how you can refer to the documentation of a process on a smartphone and send a suggestion for improvement:

3- Security

Process flows and diagrams are stored on a very secure remote server and under the responsibility of an IT company, following the strictest security protocols.

4- The end of back-ups

There is no longer any need to save process flows on several servers and machines; they are automatically saved by the company that offers the cloud-based BPM software service, or the so-called SaaS.

5- Centralized information

The cloud-based BPM software itself has an intuitive, easy-to-use archiving directory for your analysts, experts, and consultants to research past projects and process flows, and archive the current ones with more efficiency and less hassle.

Here’s how HEFLO users manage their work queues:
Lista de tarefas de Workflow

6- Project History and Knowledge Management

All the experience gained, solutions developed, successful cases and even replicable models of certain processes will be available to the company so that this precious knowledge is kept and can be used as a competitive advantage.

7- Scalability and Updates

Because it’s cloud-based BPM software, you don’t need to buy multiple licenses and install them on your machines. You receive packages of user numbers, often with support included, and can define how many access passwords you need per month, paying only for the number corresponding to your team, adjusting it whenever there are layoffs or new employees.

Also, cloud-based BPM software often receives constant updates, generally at no additional cost.

8- Test Freemium versions

If you’re not sure if the features of a BPM tool are the ones you need, companies typically offer a limited-time trial version or a ‘Freemium’ version (with fewer features), so you can ensure you’re making the right decision.

9- Mobility

As we discussed in the introduction, you just need an internet connection to use your cloud-based BPM software wherever you are, collaborate with your team, present solutions to customers or simply analyze and create your process flows.

Here’s how a person can access the activities under their responsibility using a smartphone:

10- Compatibility with various devices

You don’t need to have a desktop to use good cloud-based BPM software either. With only laptops, tablets and even smartphones you can browse and edit your processes.

In addition, managers can track their indicators making use of a responsive management panel:

These were 10 advantages you can find in HEFLO, free, cloud-based BPM process modeling software with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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